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We want to welcome you to the the U.S.S. Carpenter DD-825 Crew website. This website represents the crew members of the U.S.S. Carpenter DD-825. The website is maintained by the U.S.S. Carpenter DD-825 Shipmate Association. You can find information regarding the ship, the crews, reunions, and much more. We are always adding content, news, pictures and other things so make sure you visit our site frequently to be up to date with anything related to the U.S.S. Carpenter DD-825 crew.

Message from the Board

Ahoy Pirates! Welcome to the USS Carpenter DD825 Shipmates Association official website. Our association was formed in 2003 at a reunion in Las Vegas. At that time, by-laws were adopted and association officers were elected, and later we incorporated. There were 125 shipmates and spouses in attendance at this first reunion.

During the 32 years (1949-1981) that Carpenter and crew served their country, many foreign ports were visited, downed pilots and a space capsule recovered, provided shore bombardments in Korea and Vietnam, stood ready in many cold war alerts, participated in Operation Ivy, a high altitude thermonuclear blast, provided anti-submarine protection to many ASW carriers, and participated in the evacuation of Matsu and Quemoy Islands, just to name a few of her feats. Carpenter was a great ship with a proud crew.

Our reunions have re-united old friends and allowed us to form new friendships. Unfortunately, as we grow older, some of our shipmates have passed away. We always honor them during the Two Bell ceremony at the closing banquet. Their widows are part of our "crew" and are encouraged to join us.

Fair winds and following Seas!

The USS Carpenter Shipmates Board of Directors

News Updates

Ahoy Pirates,

We need you to get off the couch and register for the USS Carpenter Shipmates annual reunion in Jacksonville, Fl. The dates are April 24 to 28. Please go to reunionpro.com/reunions and click on the Carpenter logo to register, see the itinerary and who has already signed up. You will need to call the Jacksonville Crowne Plaza hotel at 888-233-9527 to make your own room reservation.

It is important that we know how many to plan for regarding tours, hospitality and banquets, so please register now. If you have any questions, call Pam Brown at Gatherings Plus (417-338-4048) or Coy Ritchie at or 303-981-5519.

We have some great activities planned but the best part of the reunion is seeing old friends and making new ones, so please join us.

See ya there!!



Hi Again,

For those of you who had problems with the link I sent earlier, try reunionpro.com/reunions. Please give some serious thought to attending the reunion in Jacksonville.

Fair winds and following seas,



Ahoy Mates,

Happy New Year to all of you. I hope you are planning to join us in Jacksonville for our 13th annual reunion. The reunion is April 24 to 28. Go to www.reunionpro.com/reunions and click on the Carpenter logo for all of the information regarding registration and attendees. Also, we will be electing officers this year and if you are interested in running for President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer, please let me know. If you are interested, you will need to attend the annual meetings at the reunion.

I have heard from a few of you who haven't attended lately, but are interested in coming to Jacksonville. Please contact shipmates from your era and join us.

Have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2014.



12th Annual Reunion, April 24 to April 28, 2014

Our 12th Reunion will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jacksonville-Riverfront in Jacksonville, Florida. As always, we have a very interesting activity package planned that will be enjoyed by all attendees. Go to the web site www.reunionpro.com/reunions or contact Pam Brown at Gatherings Plus, 417-338-4048 for further information or to register for the reunion. Call the Crowne Plaza Hotel directly at 888-233-9527 for room reservations. You can also contact me for information. My email is coyritchie@aol.com and my cell phone is 303-981-5519.

Your shipmate,

Coy Ritchie, President
USS Carpenter DD 825 Shipmates Association

Passing of a Fellow Pirate

Ahoy Shipmates,

We have received word of the passing of Clyde Dean Hyden of North
Vernon, IN. Clyde served aboard the USS Carpenter in the early 1970's.
Clyde is survived by his wife Jeanetta and two sons, Zachary and
Christopher. He will be remembered in our Two Bell ceremony at our 2014


Passing Of Our Fellow Pirates

Hi Pirates,

A friend of Richard Howgard has informed me of his passing. Richard
served on Carpenter from 1959 to 1963 and passed away in Buffalo, NY. We
will honor Richard at the "Two Bell" ceremony in Cincinnati in April.

Stay Well,



Hi Pirates,

It is with sadness that I report the passing of another Pirate. Joe Yee, Lt., 1952 to 1954 passed away in his sleep In Danville, Ca at the age of 83. Joe remained in the Naval Reserve, retiring in 1967. After leaving the Carpenter in 1954, he began teaching high school math and did so for 33 years. Joe's daughter, Kathryn (Yee) Engel would like to hear from anyone who served with and remembers her father. She can be reached at P.O. Box 636, Hamilton, MT. 59840-0636, by phone at 406-360-2331 or e-mail at kengel_1@hotmail.com.

Stay well,


11th Reunion, April 25 to April 29, 2013

Our 11th Reunion will be held at the Holiday Inn at the Cincinnati Airport, Erlanger, Kentucky. We have a very interesting activity package that should make this one of our best reunions to date. Also, I would like to extend an open invitation to the crew of the USS Robert A. Owens (DD 827), our east coast sister ship, to join us at this event in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. Contact Pam Brown at Gatherings Plus, www.reunionpro.com or 417-338-4048, and the Holiday Inn, Cincinnati Airport, 1-859-746-5612 to obtain reservations.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Best regards,

Coy D. Ritchie, President
USS Carpenter DD-825 Shipmates Association

Ahoy Mates,

The 2013 reunion is off the drawing boards and is now a reality. The reunion will be held in Cincinnati, OH from April 25 to 29, 2010. You can go to the Gatherings Plus website to view all the details. Please let your fellow Pirates know about the reunion. President Coy Ritchie and the rest of the Board of Directors encourage all former Carpenter shipmates to join us in Cincinnati in April.

Smooth Sailing,


Hi Mates,

I think most of you know about the 10th USS Carpenter Shipmates Association reunion in Las Vegas on April 22 to 26. We really need your help in determining how many people will be attending! So far, 27 people have signed up. One half of the package cost must be received by Gatherings Plus no later than Feb. 22 with final payment due on Mar. 22. I know you sill have a little time before Feb. 22 BUT we urge you to register NOW if possible. We have to guarantee certain minimums for the banquet and two other scheduled events, as well as purchase tickets for tours and especially the show on Tuesday the 24th. Because of scheduling difficulties with the Jersey Boys show, we hope to substitute Cirque de Soleil in it's place.

We have invited our sister ship, USS Owens, DD827 to join us. They are interested but as of now, no one has signed up.

Remember, you can go to reunionproregistration.com/usscarpenter.htm to get all of the details for the itinerary, registration and to see who has registered to date. Also, remember that you must also make your own hotel registrations. You can do that by calling the Golden Nugget at 800-634-3454 by March 23 and mention the USS Carpenter reunion, code 1EE1QD. Rates are only $52 per night, plus tax.

Come on gang! Let's meet in Las Vegas!!


Ahoy Pirates,

This is a reminder about the Las Vegas reunion, April 22 to April 26. We presently have 24 people registered, and I know that there are a number of you who plan to go but haven't registered yet. The deadline for 1/2 payment is February 22, and full payment due on April 22. It is important to register as soon as you can, as it helps give Gatherings Plus get a heads up in planning. Don't forget the website, reunionproregistration.com/usscarpenter.htm. You can see all the information about who has registered, the itinerary and the registration process. Some of the entertainment itinerary has changed slightly due to cost of tickets. We do promise a fine reunion!

How many of you know about the USS Robert A. Owens DD827? Owens is the sister ship of Carpenter and operated in the Atlantic and Mediterranean. Carpenter and Owens were identical. The Carpenter Association has been contacted by the Owens Association to see if we were interested in sharing our Las Vegas with their members. Because the membership in both associations is growing older and smaller, we feel it is worthwhile to do so and an invitation has been extended to them to join us at the reunion. We haven't heard if they will accept, but it is under consideration. It should be fun and wouldn't detract from our reunion in anyway. After all, we all were Tin Can Sailors. Go to ussrobertaowens.org and check them out.

Those of you who were in Seattle, may remember the scale model of the Carpenter that was being completed by Warren Regan. I talked to Warren last night and he will be bringing the completed model to Las Vegas for display. It really is a fine piece of work.

A couple more reminders, dues ($25) are due and can be mailed to Lowell Pogatchnik at PO Box 257, Finlayson, MN 55735. Also, we will be electing officers in Las Vegas and we urge any of you who are interested to get in touch with Bert Van Houten. We really need to get some new blood and new ideas on the Board of Directors. Some of us have been there a long time and need a little break.

I hope to see you in Las Vegas,


Hi Mates,

I regret to inform you that Richard Wood Jr. passed away in September. Richard was aboard Carpenter from 1966 to 1969. He will be honored at the Two Bell ceremony at the Las Vegas reunion.


Ahoy Mates,

David Oelke's wife has informed me that David passed away November 20, 2011. David served aboard the Carpenter fro 1955 to 1959 as CSSN and resided in WI. The USS Carpenter Shipmates Association extends sympathies to Arla and family. David will be honored during the Two Bell Ceremony at the Carpenter reunion in Las Vegas.



Ahoy Shipmates,

S O S - - - S O S - - -

The Carpenter Reunion is just around the corner and we are facing some real deadlines! We need an attendance count for rooms, food, beverages, tours and entertainment. A 50% partial payment must be made to Gatherings Plus by February 22 and full payment by March 22. If we make arrangements and then fail to meet the minimum, we still must pay for part or all of the commitment. The cost of the Jersey Boys show has increased dramatically and probably put it out of our price range. We are presently looking at the possibility of attending Cirque du Soleil instead. The tickets are about $20 cheaper. The bottom line is WE NEED A HEAD COUNT and that can only be done by registering. Go to reunionproregistration.com/usscarpenter.htm for details and registration.

Hotel reservations must be made by calling the Golden Nugget @ 800-634-3454 by March 23. Be sure and mention the Carpenter Reunion code "1EE1QD" to get our special rate.

If you plan to attend, please register right away. Don't put the reunion in jeopardy by delaying!

Questions?? Call Pam at Gatherings Plus @417-338-4048, or Joel @ 256-351-8552, or me @714-776-4019.

We hope to see you in Las Vegas.